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When something feels wrong, I’m not silly to be scared
Be calm, be strong, keep myself prepared

Listen to my heart, three steps back
Run like the wind, and yell "attack!"

Kick and fight, with all my might
My heart beats fast, it’s fright and flight

Run and scream to where people will hear
They will stop and look, and see my fear

Pounding in my chest
Sets the rhythm for my best
If they try to grab
Won’t wait to be nabbed
Know I can win
Scream, kick, and spin
Try anything to get away
Won’t wait to be prey

I have to be street smart, remember all the rules
What to do if I’m in trouble, don’t panic stay cool!

I need to find my way, my way back home
911 would be great, if I only had a phone

I know I should’ve listened, moms and dads know best
I should be in my room, too late for regrets