1. In My Garden

From the recording Publishing Demo I

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In my garden, there's a monster
There's a victim, there's a priest
There's a lunatic out singing "Hey man, forgive the feast"

There's a roaring mighty thunder of a billion starving souls
There's an old man with no memory and one with a pot of gold

In my garden there's a joker
There's a liar, there's a thief
There's a woman on a ledge, and her daughter's on her knees

And you know, she ain't praying, 'cause there's something in her mouth
In my garden there's a darkness, lock it outside of my house

In my garden, there's a killer
There's a rapist, there's no saints
There's a mad artist with a vision, but she's running out of paint

There's a hundred million voices, crying silent deep inside
In my garden there's free will, but where does the goodness hide?

In my garden, there's no answers
Where's the truth behind the lies?
The past delivered billion corpses and a billion wasted minds

In my garden, there's a dream
Of a day out in the sun
In my garden, there's a tombstone
For each and everyone