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D. Michelle Gold: Bio

Michelle Gold's need to write songs has been a passion and a love all her life. She has been singing and writing songs since the age of nine. In 1997, she recorded her first three songs with a professional independent producer.

In the fall of 1999, Michelle Gold created and recorded and sold radio commercials.

The summer of 2001, she attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. It's one of the best institutions in the world for the study of music and song writing. Michelle Gold has been one of thirty private students of Pat Pattison, a songwriting instructor at Berklee and author of several respected books.

With the encouragement of Stan Meissner, Michelle is a member of NASI, Nashville Songwriters Association International, SOCAN, Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and SAC the Song Writers Association of Canada. Michelle then went on to record her first C/D, The Michelle Gold Publishing Demo. She then continued with her second C/D, The Michelle Gold Publishing Demo II. She attended Nashville Song Camps, starting with the summer of 2002. Michelle attended Nashville Song Writing Camps 201, 301, 101 and 102. She won high praise from Nashville pro writers affiliated with the Nashville Songwriters Association, for several songs but specifically for her song, One Woman's Sorrow. After attending several workshops in Toronto, she became part of another group, The Monday Night Songwriters and played at several songwriting venues from Sept 02 Michelle continues to actively attend work shops across Canada from the Song Writers Association of Canada.

One of Michelle Gold's collaborations within the SAC organization, the song Your Smile, co-written with Alex O'Brien placed in the top 10% Unisong International Song Contest

The Toronto National Post interviewed her as part of its Canadian Songwriting Association article printed April 17, 2003. As well she was featured on the cover of Richmondhill Post in September 2003 with an in-depth interview about her songwriting ambitions. This was followed up again in January 05 with an article about her musical.

Michelle Gold co-wrote a musical about Safety, Tolerance and Bullying with writing partner Linda Farberman. They created a partnership Michellin Productions. (Michelle & Lin) Two of the York Region School Board in Ontario Cirriculum Consultants supported this original musical because of the safety and anti bullying messages. Farco Entertainment, a production company, (Internationally known, Doo Doo The Clown) and Michellin Productions presented this play at the Vaughan City Playhouse in Thornhill, Feb 9th 10th and 11th. 2005. The first run was very successful and was positively received after nine sold out shows. The original songs are catchy and meaningful to children and their parents. The Mayor of Vaughan, Michael DiBiase presented her with a Certificate of Merit for the contribution to the community. The response continues to be overwhelming as parents continue to advise as to how their children learned from the play and behaved differently after seeing the performance.

At this time, Michellin Productions Inc is launching Afternoon In The Park. The Play has been booked at Vaughan City Playhouse Oct 20th- 28th 2006, a two week run with a one week cross Ontario tour afterwards.

Michelle is currently working with Sheldon Landwehr on an on Broadway Musical Play, "Artifical Fish".

The joy is in the ride!

Michelle wishes to thank all her family, friends and fans for their continued support and love.